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Only 36% of professionals say that office holiday parties are fun. In a survey conducted by OfficeTeam, another 35% reported negative feelings associated with their company holiday parties. Clearly, there’s something wrong with this picture. There could be hundreds of different reasons why 35% of professionals surveyed weren’t interested in their respective companies’ holiday parties, but one of the most popular issues in these negative responses could be the venue. It’s easy to find a space for an event, but finding the right space can be much more challenging.


Hosting an event comes with its own trials; worrying about catering or sound service shouldn’t be on your priority list in the face of all the other tiny details you need to watch over to ensure your event goes as planned. A banquet space may look like the ideal venue, but if it doesn’t have the amenities you need, your party won’t go as you expect it to. Let’s review the top three things you should keep in mind when shopping for venues for parties.


Is Catering Available?


Catering will be a make or break item for some people, but not all. A birthday party may work in a simple space without catering, but a wedding reception may not work. Depending on your circumstances, catering can or cannot make all the difference. If you’ve decided that catering is on your list of must-haves, then make sure you’re very clear in understanding if your wedding reception venue includes any food service. And don’t play the game of looking at all venues, regardless of their included amenities. If a hall is a picture-perfect spot for your event, but it doesn’t include the catering you need, you might find yourself suddenly compromising and causing a bigger headache down the road. Stick to places that offer what you need within your price range to avoid that last-minute change of heart.


Are There Enough Outlets?


Venues for parties come in all shapes and sizes, but not all venues are created equal. The old barn with the picturesque scenery may be the perfect setting, but if that old barn has a limited electrical system and you plan on hosting your wedding and reception under the same roof, will this be the best choice? Probably not, if you plan to have a speaker system for music or even lights strung across the ceiling. In the same respect, a hotel conference room may seem like the perfect place for your seminar, but if the room isn’t equipped to handle more than one electronic device at a time, you’ll find yourself more stressed out on the day of your presentation than you should be.


How Many People Can This Venue Hold, Really?


No matter how your event goes, you’ll want to make sure that your guests are at the very least comfortable, so you’ll need to take an honest look at the venue you have your eye on. A wedding venue, if it’s going to include the wedding as well as the reception, will need to comfortably seat your guests during the ceremony and allow space for tables and chairs after. If there’s going to be dancing, you’ll need even more space.


Selecting venues for parties can be tricky, but keeping these three simple ideas in mind will help relieve some of the stress that comes with event planning.

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