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Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially trying to choose a banquet space. With so many places to get married, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. But there are guidelines you can follow to help make finding a place easier. Here’s what you should consider when selecting the best wedding venue.


It’s important to determine the amount you can spend on a banquet space before you look for one. Often times, the venue ends up representing half the wedding budget. You should keep in mind that the most expensive options are usually inside of a city center, while the least expensive options tend to be in more rural areas. So if you’re looking for something more affordable, rural areas are your best bet. But whatever your total budget is, divide it by two and see what you can find for that amount. Be aware that some venues also offer catering, so make sure to add that to the full cost of any venue you’re looking at.


If you haven’t already, you and your partner should sit down and decide what you really want with your wedding venue. Do you want an indoor venue or an outdoor space? Do you want to use in-house catering or do you want a specific business to do the catering for your event? Would you like a large space or a smaller and more intimate space? Do you know how many people are being invited? There are many different options you and your partner need to consider and decide on. That way, you can have a better idea of what to look for and the questions you can ask the owner of the venue.

Back-Up Plan

You’ve determined your budget, settled on your preferences, and found the venue you like. It’s the day of your wedding and you’re looking forward to everything going perfectly. But unfortunately, life doesn’t always work that way. This is why your venue having a back-up plan is important. For example, if you select an outdoor venue, there might be a really bad rainstorm the day of your wedding. You should confirm that the venue will have an indoor location or some other accommodation to make things work in case of such an event. That way, you can be comfortable knowing that if something goes wrong, your wedding day will still go on.

We know planning a wedding can feel very challenging. A 2017 Newlywed Report by WeddingWire found that 63% of brides feel a lot of pressure to have the perfect wedding. Keep these considerations in mind when finding a banquet space. Doing this will help make the planning much easier, and you’ll be more likely to have the best wedding day you could have hoped for.

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