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Wedding Venue Red Flags: When To Say ‘I Don’t’

For the majority of Americans, getting married is still considered to be an important rite of passage. And while your wedding day can be the most thrilling of your life, the lead-up to this event can be downright overwhelming. In fact, 50% of women say that planning a wedding was more stressful than they imagined.

Because it’s often so important to get every little detail right, you’ll want to know for sure that the wedding venue you’ve chosen will be able to accommodate your vision. Although a reception venue might look perfect at first blush, there may be hidden problems that can derail your plans for your special day. That’s why it’s essential to do your due diligence before booking the hall and setting the date. To ensure you’re totally thorough during this process, you’ll want to watch out for the following red flags. If you spot these, you’ll definitely want to say “I don’t” to the venue in question.

Poor Communication

If you’re getting married, you’ll know how key communication is in healthy relationships. But in the months leading up to your wedding, you’ll need to have an open line of communication with your wedding venue, too. Pay close attention to how responsive the venue is when you’re booking a tour or when you email to ask a question. If you feel that you’re being ignored or your time is being wasted, you should look at other potential wedding spaces.

No matter how busy a venue is, they should put in the effort to make time for you and to ensure your needs are being addressed. Inquiries should receive responses promptly and you should never feel as if you’re planning a never-ending game of phone tag with the venue coordinator. If you aren’t getting what you need, opt for another wedding venue that can accommodate you and that won’t add unnecessary stress to the planning process.

Bad Reviews

In the digital age, it’s easier than ever to learn about places to get married in your area — and that includes both the good and the bad. Conducting thorough research will require only a few clicks. Although a venue’s website may contain alluring copy, keep in mind that this should serve as a jumping-off point. You should also pay attention to the venue’s social media channels and check out online review sites for the other side of the story.

Negative online reviews happen — and spotting one or two may not be a sign to head for the hills. After all, couples may have unrealistic expectations and blame the venue for factors that are beyond their control. That said, a venue that has more negative reviews than positive ones should be taken off your list. The same goes for venues that have responded to negative reviews in combative ways or who may be removing negative comments from social media posts. You may even want to ask your wedding planner or any vendors you’ve hired about the venue; if they’ve had poor experiences or have never worked at the venue, it might be worth considering other options.

Contract Issues

Wedding venue contracts are usually quite lengthy, and that’s for a good reason. It ensures everyone is in agreement about all the details typically involved in wedding receptions. However, just because the contract is long doesn’t mean that it should be overly complicated. You’ll need to go over this contract carefully to spot any anomalies.

For example, anything that looks purposefully vague or confusing should be a sign that something is amiss. The same goes for strange clauses or surprising fees. Your contract should never stipulate that you can’t write honest reviews online, either. If you’re in doubt, have your wedding planner and/or your lawyer look over this contract before you ever sign a thing. This can ensure that you’re protected and that you fully understand the agreement you’ll have with your venue.

Fortunately, the majority of well-regarded reception venues will prioritize client communication, have plentiful (and honest) reviews, and ensure that their contracts are on the up-and-up. At The Bowden, we take your special day seriously. For more information on how we can make your wedding just as magical as you envisioned (without any of the stress), please contact us today.

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