Do’s and Don’t’s for Planning a Corporate Event

corporate event spacePlanning your office’s next corporate event? Worried about attendance or enjoyment being a dud? Follow these tried-and-true do’s-and-don’t’s, and you’ll have a successful party on your hands.

  1. DO create a budget, and stick to it.
    Set an achievable budget, plan it out, and for goodness’ sake stick to it. Try looking for good deals on group rates at hotel event spaces.
    DON’T book close to holidays.Corporate event spaces, hotels, and catering are all more expensive around major holidays. On top of that, a recent OfficeTeam survey reported that around 35% of responding professionals had a completely negative response to the idea of a company holiday party.
  2. DO choose an appropriate corporate event space.
    Choosing a venue for corporate events completely depends on what is available in your desired area, your budget, and what needs you have in terms of space. A large banquet space will provide an appropriate amount of room if you’re expecting a good turnout and large amount of food served.
    DON’T neglect a backup plan. The unexpected happens, so remember to have backup options like a rain date or alternative venue ready if necessary. Party venues book up fast, so call far ahead of time to have a solid plan.
  3. DO give plenty of notice — and make RSVPing simple.
    People make plans. Give them notice, and have an easy response system ready to keep expected attendance numbers clear.
    DON’T schedule an event on a Monday or Friday. Mondays and Fridays are when invitees are least likely to attend a corporate event.
  4. DO hype it up, and deliver on the promised fun!
    A corporate event doesn’t always scream ‘FUN,’ but if you hype it up and follow through on making it worthwhile for your attendees, they’ll be glad they listened. Have small gifts, valuable new information from presentations or speakers, and enjoyable activities. If there is food being providing, have appropriate options in mind for attendees who have dietary needs such as allergies or vegetarianism.
    DON’T have the same activities, venue, or speakers year after year.
    The perfect way to deter attendees from corporate events in the future is making it predictable and repetitive. If the event provides no new experiences or information, why would that be worth your corporation’s time and money? Use your resources wisely, survey the office for ideas.

Finding a classy corporate event space and choosing a caterer is just the tip of the iceberg, but hosting an event doesn’t have to be a one-person show. Be sure you don’t handle all the planning yourself or put the responsibility on just one person — it quickly becomes overwhelming. Good luck!

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