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Hybrid meetings, meetings that have both virtual and in-person guests, are a concept that we have all become familiar with in recent months due to the demand for remote work. Although they are a good solution for today’s challenges, there are areas where hybrid meetings can fall short. One could argue that a hybrid meeting’s biggest challenge is creating team cohesiveness, making sure everyone feels included, engaged, and heard. 

To get everyone involved certainly takes some forethought. Team building exercises have always been an excellent way to get your crew thinking and working together, but traditional team-building activities are not as effective in a hybrid setting. 

Below are listed a few team-building exercises that will work beautifully for both remote and in-person meeting attendees. These are a necessary part of team development that create a cohesive work environment, something that can be hard to find when everyone is in a different area. 

Five team-building exercises that work well for hybrid meetings 


Professional development workshops can be a great time to break up into smaller groups and talk through chat while learning new skills. Professional development can be a great segway into time spent brainstorming on making everything work well for everyone. Going remote can be quite the learning curve; you could focus on ensuring that everyone learns new ways to make it a little easier. This will also make sure that everyone knows how to communicate effectively with the rest of the team!


Have some new team members? This is an opportunity to make sure that everyone has a chance to get to know each other! Create a questionnaire for everyone to fill out about their co-workers. Have everyone connect within a set amount of time. Communication could take place via skype, zoom, or phone call. Questions could include things like hobbies, favorite colors, personal interests, skills, etc. These questions should be geared towards creating more in-depth conversations, so everyone gets to know each other better by the end of the challenge. 


These are a perfect option if everyone in a hybrid meeting. Create a list and a due date for attendees to follow. Designate small groups that will be working together to find the items on the list. Have them take photos and submit them all in folders in google drive and then have a slideshow at the end! You could encourage them to take selfies with the items, or wear costumes to add some fun to the challenge! 

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Break everyone up into teams and have them go head to head to win the game show! You can have everyone participate via video chat so everyone can watch! Have a host asking all of the questions, and have the teams race to answer the questions. You could have questions from any category that would be fun for everyone. 


Another team activity to consider is to assign everyone to a team and give them a few minutes to get to know each other before competing for the championship! These would
include the following four categories:

Mental Challenges – Teams must break the code or think creatively to solve mental problems. Problem solving and creativity are the key to success. 

Physical Challenges – Moving around and interacting is key in a physical challenge. Testing strength, stamina, and teamwork will win points here, these will need a little space, so make sure you plan some that can be done from everyone’s home!  

Skill Challenges – Proving your team’s unique abilities will solve skill problems. Teams must prove their creativity in tests of accuracy and talent.

Mystery Challenges – Learning about your coworkers gathers points in each mystery challenge. If you know your colleagues, it will be easy to match clues with people in the room, encouraging everyone to take a little time to get to know each other to be ready for this challenge!

Team building during hybrid meetings can be intimidating, but they are possible with a little imagination and can be a memorable experience! Need a little help making this work? The Bowden meeting team can help you put together a hybrid meeting that meets your goals while bringing your team together, even if they are physically separated. 

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