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Save Time, Money, and Stress With a Single-Location Wedding

Without a doubt, weddings are stressful. Even small weddings require hours of planning and quite a bit of money to coordinate. In fact, 50% of women find planning their wedding to be more stressful than they imagined, and survey respondents reported spending about 11 hours each week planning for the big day.

Today, many couples seek ways to save money and time through simplifying their wedding. More and more, couples choose to host their wedding ceremony and reception in the same location as a way to cut costs and reduce stress.

While a single-location wedding might not be every couple’s first choice, there are undoubtedly benefits that come with making this decision.

Planning a wedding? Here are just a few reasons why combination spaces for a wedding and reception might be the perfect choice for you:

Save Time Between Events

Weddings tend to be all-day affairs. Early in the morning, the wedding party begins preparing, and by the end of the night, couples and guests alike are dead on their feet. Cutting time between the ceremony and the reception is a great way to help guests and the wedding party save energy for dancing and late-night fun. Rather than driving an hour and waiting around for the reception to start, your wedding can transition smoothly and quickly from the vows to the celebration at a single party venue.

Lessen Conflict and Improve Communication

When you opt to have two different wedding spaces, chances are, you’ll have to coordinate with two separate event staffs. You’ll have to notify both groups about schedule changes, organizational needs, guest lists, and more, essentially doubling the work involved. If something doesn’t go as planned, both staffs can become frustrated or confused. Avoid miscommunication and scheduling stress by keeping everything in one place, and working only with one wedding venue.

Reduce Expenses

Many couples save significant amounts of money by choosing combination spaces for a wedding and reception. This strategy essentially eliminates one venue fee. Additionally, choosing a single party venue means you won’t have to pay vendors like your photographer for the time spent traveling. Your venue might even offer a discount package deal for hosting your whole event at their location.

While a single-location wedding might not be ideal for every couple, choosing to rent a single banquet space is becoming increasingly popular. This method saves time, saves money, and saves headaches. With a single venue, couples can spend less time planning and more time celebrating their love. Who doesn’t want that for their wedding?

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