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Hosting A Company Event? Avoid These 3 Rookie Mistakes

Any good company knows the importance of hosting events. Different out-of-office occasions give employees and managers the chance to re-engage with the company’s mission. Events can also boost company visibility, foster creative thinking, and help strengthen company culture.

However, corporate events can become a rather expensive waste of time when they aren’t executed properly. Whether you’re planning a branch meeting, hosting a celebration, or organizing a conference, falling prey to common event-planing mistakes can cause any occasion to flop.

If you’re planning a business get-together, take a moment to ensure your event will run smoothly. Don’t fall for these three all-to-common rookie mistakes:

1. Forgetting The Purpose Of The Event

Every part of the planning process should prioritize the purpose of your event. Are you hosting an event to celebrate a successful year? Look for a venue for corporate events that has a fun reputation. Hoping to bring your team new skills? Look for a seminar venue with lodging nearby for guest speakers and projection equipment for slide show presentations. If you forget the purpose of your occasion, you may end up with an inappropriate venue and an ineffective event.

2. Skipping The Tour of The Corporate Event Space

After you’ve found a few good venue options for the event, be sure to take a tour. Touring each venue for corporate events will give you a sense of each space’s size, mood, and amenities. A tour also gives your team the opportunity to ask questions. Skip the tour, and you’ll feel blindsided if any problems or miscommunications arise on the day of your event.

3. Letting the Event Be Boring

Even though the event you’re planning should ultimately serve the company, your occasion doesn’t have to be all work and no play. A boring conference with long-winded speakers and few breaks might even be less effective than a more lighthearted social event. Include a few fun elements, like live music, cocktails, or even party games to keep guests engaged and interested between more serious work-related activities.

An incredible 18 million events and meetings are organized in the U.S. every year, contributing $280 billion in spending. Help your corporate event stand out from the crowd by avoiding these rookie mistakes. With good planning, you’ll be able to find the perfect large event spaces, speakers, and activities for your most impactful corporate occasion yet!

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