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Four Questions to Ask When Choosing a Corporate Event Space

An astonishing 18 million events and meetings are organized in the U.S. every year, totaling $280 billion in spending. These business gatherings vary as widely as businesses themselves. From small corporate lunch meetings to end-of-year achievement celebrations, every corporate gathering is unique and requires a unique venue.


Finding the right venue for your out-of-office gatherings can be a bit tricky. You want to ensure the space has the right atmosphere and accommodations needed to get the job done right. If you’re hosting an event for your company, be sure that your chosen corporate event space checks all the boxes by asking the following questions:


Does this event space work with our budget?


Before researching any other information about a seminar venue, check the facility’s pricing guide. If the venue is out of your corporate budget, try looking for spaces elsewhere. Be wary of hidden costs, too– some venues may not mention parking fees, cleanup fees, or other expenses. To be safe, ask the venue directly about costs, and leave room in the budget for unexpected expenses.


Is there enough space?


YWhen choosing a venue for a corporate event, your second priority should be finding a location with enough room for all of your attendees and equipment. Ask about maximum capacity at different business reception venues, and inquire about seating arrangements. Be sure that the venue also has ample parking for your guests, and lodging nearby if your event lasts more than one day.


Does this space have the tech we need?


Next, ensure that the corporate event space has the proper tech hookups for your gathering, such as speakers for music, screens for presentations, and microphone hookups for lectures or singers. If your guests will be taking notes or accomplishing other work, ask the venue if they have Wi-Fi access that can accommodate a large crowd.


Is the atmosphere appropriate?


Finally, think about the overall message attendees will get when they arrive at your event. The event venue should reflect the nature of your event and your business. For example, important meetings with powerful individuals require high-quality, polished establishments in a convenient location. Choosing the right space can lead to satisfied attendees and a more productive atmosphere.


For a productive and even fun corporate event, location is everything. If you’re planning any kind of business gathering that requires large event spaces, use this guide to choose the right venue every time.


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