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Big Wedding Venue Mistakes to Avoid

When planning a wedding, it is so easy to get bogged down in every little detail and price tag. That’s partially how weddings have become so expensive and time-consuming. Women often spend around 11 hours or more a week planning their wedding while engaged. The average wedding cost (sans honeymoon) has been reported anywhere from $28,000 to $31,000. Inevitably some mistakes will be made. We’re specifically going to focus on common mistakes that married-couples-to-be neglect concerning their reception venue.

Not accounting for catering, DJ set-up, and other extras.

Wide-open banquet spaces are popular spaces for a wedding and reception for obvious reasons: they’re indoors, meant for hosting an event, and have plenty of seating. But brides and grooms doing their own planning can still make the mistake of focusing on their guest number vs banquet space capacity. They forget to account for anyone working the wedding, like bartenders, caterers, musicians, and all their various set-ups! Before you book an event space, block out where everything will be set and be absolutely sure there is a comfortable amount of room for guests and entertainment.

Neglecting a backup plan for inclement weather.

Barn weddings are hot right now because of their rustic-chic look, but does your outdoor event have a backup plan if Mother Nature strikes? The popular banquet space can save the day as an indoor option, but make sure it’s outfitted with heat or air conditioning if the day should call for either. Also, consider the outside of the building and accessibility. If your winter wedding snows in all the parking at your wedding venue, you could have some issues.

Testing decorations in the space the day of the wedding.

This is it, the night before the big day. Setting up all your hand-made decorations in your reception space, stepping back to admire them, and… you hate it. The proportions look awful, the lighting is bad with the colors you chose. What a nightmare. Always design with your space in mind! Test out table and wall decorations well before your wedding day so you know exactly what to tweak.

What do these three ‘oopsies’ have in common? All of these mistakes can cause major stress on the big day itself. They’re fixable beforehand, but only if you happen to notice something isn’t quite right. Take your time and plan ahead, a rushed wedding never quite goes the way you like.

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